Car Owner’s Guide on Taking Care of Their Tires

Your car is an investment that needs to be maintained at all times. Responsible car owners always allot time to keep their vehicles clean and maintained – from the exterior down to the tires. Yes, the tires should have their own TLC time so you can maximize your tires to a hilt.

Whether you have Continental tyres or a local-made one, these tires maintenance tips can help to prolong the life of your car tires:

  • Have a spare


Yes, it is important for car owners to have a spare time not just for emergencies but for alternately replacing them. Using the same old tires that was mounted on the day you bought it is not that advisable as it can lead to an early wear and tear. Plus, not using your spare tire from time to time can lead to its early deterioration. So use both alternately. When choosing your spare, be sure to stick to one brand. Avoid using different brands for your car as each tire manufacturer produce different levels of tire quality. If you have Dunlop tires, then go to a manufacturer and resellers of Dunlop in Dubai.


  • Maintain inflation pressure


Tire inflation is correlated to your car’s performance and fuel economy. Underinflated cars can also be a danger to the driver and the passengers. To ensure that your car tires’ inflation pressure is at its best, have a professional checked them. It is hard to tell from a single look if the tires are under inflated. Car and tire shops used a tire pressure gauge to see if the pressure is right, if there are progressive loss of air and if the tires are subject for repair or replacement.


Also, it would be best to maintain the inflation pressure at the recommended level specified. Going beyond what is specified might lead to tire cracks or a full tire blow out.


  • Say No to spinning excessively


Your car tires are the ones who are taking the brunt of the drive, especially on rough surfaces or even softer ones.  Some car owners have a habit of excessively spinning their wheels if they get stuck in a deep mud or sand. Unknowingly, this can lead to early wear and tear. If you get stuck in a mud or sand, go for a gentle back and forth motion until you are able to maneuver the vehicle to a safer surface. And do not attempt to go near a spinning car tire.

Financial Translation: How Does it Work?

Financial documents are highly confidential document that needs outmost care in handling, even the translation of financial statements. Every detail should be checked to ensure that no mistake is made during translation and after the translated document is turned over to clients for their official use.

Which is why a detailed process is conducted by translation companies before they proceed to the actual work and it continues until the client is satisfied with the results. If you are curious on how it works, the basic process of financial translation goes like this:

  • Initial consultation

Both parties will set an initial appointment so they can discuss the project. On this meeting, the client will give an initial brief about the company, the general content of their financial statements and initial expectations. The translation company, on the other hand, will discuss their process and terms and conditions. Both parties will have an opportunity to set their expectations on the project and draws out an initial quote for the translation job.


  • Mapping out the scope

If the project proceeds as planned, the next step would be mapping out the project scope. The project scope contains the scope and limitations provided by both parties. On the translation company’s side, they will be providing the final quote or rates, the time frame and the number of revision that are allowed. It would also include the number of individuals which will be included in the project and their roles. On the client’s side, it should include the timeframe for providing the documents and the turnaround time for submitting an initial feedback. Both parties would have to agree with the scope before the project proceeds.


  • Translation of documents

This would be the actual work. Based on the scope and expectations given, a team of financial translators will work on interpreting the documents given and translating it in accordance to the brief given. The clients is usually not allowed to meddle on this phase to avoid confusion and delays.


  • Review of initial draft

Once the translation company is done with the translation, they will submit it to the client for review. The client and his team would be given enough time to peruse and review the document for feedback and they will have to return the documents with consolidated comments to the translation company.


  • Revision and Final Drafting

Once the translation company received the initial draft with comments, they will work on integrating these comments to their initial work and furnished a new copy until they meet the required number of revisions and satisfies the client.

To know more about the comprehensive translation process, read full article here.

Why Photo Canvas Is A Good Addition To Your Wall

We are quite used to photo paper-printed variety. But to make it a little different from the usual prints, you can try having it in a canvas. Yes, you read it right. Canvas is not only used for oil paintings but printing photos as well.

It might be a little old school for your tastes, photo canvas can give your space a vintage feel. You are having hesitation of having a photo printing Dubai company print your captured moments on a canvas, then these might change your mind:

  • Photo canvas can be a good art piece


Air pieces are expensive. Art collectors and enthusiasts spend millions of dollars just to acquire one piece of art or painting. Ordinary people have no means to purchase such expensive pieces. But do not fret. If you still want your space to have an art gallery feel, a photo canvas can be a great start. With a rough but edgy texture, you can install several pieces of your own creative shots that guests will surely love.


  • It can withstand the test of time


Photographs are quite prone to color changes due to harsh elements and also due to old age. Some of them fade which mar the beauty of the memory. If you want to immortalize your captured moments much longer, it would be best to have your photos printed to a canvas. Since it is printed on a canvas, the ink is printed on cloth which last longer.


  • Can be passed on as heirlooms


As mentioned, photo canvases is known for its longevity and durability and can last for generations, given it is given proper care. Aside from being art pieces to beautify your home, you can also pass it on to younger generations to cherish. You can also make it as a family tradition. Families usually have their photo taken during the holidays or important events. Tp commemorate such important milestone in your family.


  • Affordable printing cost


Some people think that printing in canvas is expensive and rare. It might be true that they are pricey than photograph printing, but you have to consider the lifespan of the canvas. If you do the math, you can say that it is worth every penny. And there are latest canvas printing equipment that are being used nowadays which print photos in cloth in much lower price.

Read more about canvas printing on this page.

Simple Ways to Choose Your Courier Service

You definitely need the services of courier services company once in a while. Many times, you are unsure of which company to select, which company can send your parcel in the safest manner. If you see the cosmos, undoubtedly umpteen number of courier services are there.

Though there are plenty of courier services in Dubai but only a few of them are worth the cost. The most important thing is that your goods should get delivered at the right destination and at the perfect time. Moreover, you want your parcel to be in its original condition, you can’t bear mishandling of the parcel. When it comes to spending money then surely you have to think twice, you just can’t shell out your money on something that doesn’t benefit you.

Points you need to keep in mind

There are some points that you need to keep in your mind before you opt for a courier service:

History of the company

The history of the company which you are choosing matters a lot. You need to see how good that company is, you need to check the customer satisfaction. Best is to visit the websites of those companies, that will give you an idea regarding how professional that company is! Moreover, you can check for the online reviews of that company.

Wide network

Make sure that you choose the courier service that has a wide network. If the courier company doesn’t have a wide network then your parcel may be won’t get delivered at the destination where you want it to be delivered.


Another factor which can’t be overlooked is the reputation of that specific company. You need to do the detailed research about the company you are choosing; you need to see the background of that company.

In Dubai courier services are high in demand, usually, people prefer going for the same day courier service because they want their parcel to reach the destination quickly.

Perks of same day courier service

The delivery of the package is done within 24 hours if you opt for the same day courier service. This type of service is used when you don’t have time to go and give the package personally. Well, if you see another front of it, it is quite cost effective as you don’t have to bear the travel expenses which you would be bearing if you go to deliver the parcel personally. There is a thing, do not settle for those companies that provide you same day courier services at cheaper rates because the safety of the package would be compromised.