Alone in the City: Things to Do Solo in Dubai

We live in age when everyone wants to be connected. In fact, through social media networks and dating apps, people make an effort to stay connected. Facebook is all about keeping up with distant family, friends, and old connections, as well as making new ones. Finding connections and building a network is the norm of the Digital Age.


That’s just how it is and to a certain degree, we perceive people who choose to abstain from the various forms of social media as weird or worse, crazy. But does it have to be that way? To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be alone. Alone time can actually be healthy. That being said, here are some things you can do solo if you find yourself without a companion in the city. Or if you simply want to take time off by your lonesome.


Try new food places


Eating is fun, whether you’re with a companion or alone. The fun increases depending on the quality of the food you eat. So, be adventurous and try new food places. They could be local hawkers, fancy pubs, or even one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.


Indian food is always a good choice, given the diverse flavors and aromatic spices. If you want, you can try other kinds of Emirati cuisine.


Read a book


Books transport you to different worlds. They also build your vocabulary. If you find yourself alone, why not drop by a local bookstore and find some good reading material to pass the time and to keep you sharp. You could read at home, or you could head to the nearest cafe for a fresh brew to go along with your reading.


If paperbacks or hard bound books are too much of a hassle, you can always get a kindle and stack your virtual library with international best sellers.


Netflix and chill

We know what you’re thinking. Netflix and chill is for two people. Well, it doesn’t have to be. It’s perfectly fine to chill and binge watch a series on Netflix all by yourself, or preferably with a box of Indian food take away. In fact, it may be better to Netflix and chill on your own because you will ACTUALLY watch a program.


If you find yourself alone, don’t automatically log into your social media sites to get a false sense of companionship. Put your device down and try out new things. Going solo isn’t weird at all. In fact, it might just be the best time to explore the city.